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Topic 2 :Screening of new molecules from non-ribosomal mechanism and control of their synthesis.

Scientific objective :

  • Develop techniques for the screening of new peptides or lipopeptides synthesized by non-ribosomal mechanism.
  • Increase the knowledge of the biosynthesis mechanism of NRPS molecules (from gene to the molecule).
  • Control the selective production of bioactive peptides.
  • Integrate the production of the most interesting molecules in terms of their functionality (biosurfactant activity and / or antimicrobial, eliciting) throughout the process (Topic 3).

Contributors : Max BECHET, Gabrielle CHATAIGNE, Nour-Eddine CHIHIB, Marlène CHOLLET, Françoise COUCHENEY, François COUTTE, Djamel DRIDER, Frédérique GANCEL, François KRIER, Valérie LECLERE, Didier LECOUTURIER, Alice ROCHEX et Philippe JACQUES

PhD students : Thibault CARADEC, Luiz Fernando MOTTA DOS SANTOS, Qassim ESMAEEL, Alexandre CEUGNIEZ, Yazen YASEEN, Rim NASRI