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Topic 1 :Study and Control of kinetics and selectivity of enzymatic hydrolysis of dietary protein for the production of bioactive peptides

Scientific objective:

  • Strategies implementation for obtaining bioactive peptides from the enzymatic hydrolysis of food proteins.
  • Kinetics and selectivity control of the enzymatic proteolysis of these proteins to generate active peptide sequences.
  • Enzymatic kinetics modelling to optimize the production of peptides displaying biological activities.
  • Characterize the biological activities of these peptides and provide knowledge on the vivo digestion mechanisms.
  • Scaling up of the production of the most interesting peptides or of the peptide fraction displaying the best biological activity (Topic 3).

Contributors : Muriel BIGAN, Gabrielle CHATAIGNE, Benoit CUDENNEC, Pascal DHULSTER, Krasimir DIMITROV, Loubna FIRDAOUS, Rénato FROIDEVAUX, Didier GUILLOCHON, Guillaume LE FLEM, Naïma NEDJAR, Rozenn RAVALLEC, Peggy VAUCHEL, Dominique VERCAIGNE- MARKO

PhD students : Faïza ADOUI, Rafik BALTI, Kalim BELHACENE, Fateh BOUGHERA, Adil ELAGLI, Karima HEDHILI, Cédric HIS, Rim NASRI, Rémi PRZYBYLSKI, Assaad SILA