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Cells culture

One objective of this platform is the development of screening techniques but also methodologies to understand the action of biologically active peptides derived from the hydrolysis of food protein mechanisms. Cytotoxicity tests are also in place in order to study the toxicity of molecules generated by the various projects of the laboratory.

Indeed the ProBioGEM laboratory studies various biologically active peptides whose mechanism of action is still unclear. The biological activities studied in relation to different themes or projects are: orexigenic / anorexigenic, antihypertensive , opioid ( anti- stress) and antimicrobial.

This platform also provides industrial services from simple screening activities (antimicrobial, orexigenic / anorexigenic, antioxidant, antihypertensive, opioid and toxicity toward different cell lines) to the identification of the active peptide essential to its use as marketing compound or ingredient. The obtained results and the diversity of sources permitting to generate multiple sequences, in constant link with the world of physiology which seeks to explain the mechanisms involved in the biological activity, are the originality of this platform.