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The objective of the bioinformatics platform of ProBioGEM is to develop and promote the use of bioinformatics tools to optimize the selective production of active peptides. It was originally built around the database of Norine ( to which other tools have been added for example to predict the structure or activity of the non ribosomal peptides.


Collaborations :

  • Bonsai Team LIFL (Fundamental Computer Science Laboratory of Lille), University of Lille 1 , INRIA Lille Nord Europe: Maude Pupin , Laurent Noé .
  • Orpailleur Team LORIA (Lorraine Laboratory of Computer and its application), University of Lorraine, INRIA Nancy Grand Est : Marie -Dominique Devignes , Malika Smail - Tabbone .

Workshop :

Organization of an international workshop " Bioinformatic TOOLS FOR PKS and NRPS DISCOVERY : From genomic data to the products" which was held from July 10 to 12, 2013 in Villeneuve d'Ascq (University of Lille 1): 30 participants, 12 nationalities , 3 continents